Solutions To Burn Gases
EET provides suitable solutions to burn the high/low caloric or toxic gases in acc. with actual regulations in a proper manner in Groundflares / Combustors, Matrix- and Elevated Flares.
All EET designs are made by licensed structural engineers using our proprietary computer programs developed specifically for flare applications.
Optional equipment on elevated flares include aircraft warning light systems, retractable davits and special designs for single piece erection.

Multi Flare Stacks
EET is specialized on the design of Multi Flare Stacks and steam or air assisted flare systems with high smokless capacities by still low noise emissions.

High Quality Solutions
EET will provide high quality equipment and documentation in acc. with clients standards in time.

Individual Flare Requirements
EET the Flare Company founded in 1991, is the competent partner for your individual flare requirements.