Ignition & Pilot Flame Monitoring Panels
Flare pilots are normally lit by flame font generator panels. These panels use fuel gas and plant air, but they can also be provided with self-inspirating ignitor sections, if compressed air is not available.

Ignition panels can be electronic or non-electronic and designed for manual, remote or fully automatic ignition. Pilot flame monitoring panels provide local indication of pilot status, as well as contacts for remote alarms, or initiation of automatic relight sequences.

High energy direct ignition rods can be supplied for fast and easy ignition of pilots alone, or in combination with common uses Flame Front pilot systems.

EET supplies:
   »  FF         [Flame Front]   Ignition & Control Panel
   »  HE         [Electronic]   Ignition & Control Panel
   »  FF+HE   [Flame Front + Electronic]   Ignition & Control Panel