Mobile Flares
EET also supplies MOBILE FLARES for firefighters and for use in chemical plants and refineries. With this type of flare it is possible to burn either smoky gases smokeless with the support of steam and/or pressurized air, and/or air from blower. Lean Gas Application with the support of Fuel Gas allows a high efficient burning up to 99.9%.
The mobile control unit, which is wired to the flare unit with a distance of 20m, allows a safe operation and control of the flare, while flaring. The flare unit is installed in horizontal position for easy transport and will be fit to vertical position with a gear system at the location of use.
Depending on the specific requirements, this type of flare is installed at a handcart, a trailer, or a lorry.
Firefighters use this flare to burn locally waste gases from trucks after road accidents, where the load (Propane, Propene) is pumped around from the damaged truck to a safe area.
Chemical plants and refineries use this type of flare to burn purge gases of equipment prior maintenance, where no connection to the purge or flare system is available.

The image shows a mobile flare, installed at a handcart during lifting from horizontal to vertical position. The tip is installed with an air blower and steam ring at tip, to support smokeless combustion of heavy gases.
For lean gas application support gas is fed through the steam nozzles, to reach high efficient combustion of lean gas.

For the general understanding of the mobile flare system we refer to the slide show (Click here)

Mobile Flare
At Handcart
General View