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Multi Flare Stucture
Rectangular multi - flare structure with base dimensions of 14m * 14m, 94m tall. Max. 3 Risers 110m tall could be installed by the shown example in front of the structure and bolted to the structure.

Riser consist of 4 sections, each with a length of approx. 26m with small maintenance platform.

With the installed hoisting and canting equipment it is possible, to lower each of the flares without any crane, while other flares are still in operation.

All work for lowering and canting the Riser sections can be done from a maintenance platform in the structure at elevation 26m and 33m. No work is required by this design at a elevation higher than 33m.

A multi - flare structure is a proper solution for installation of several flares at the same location. There is not the requirement to shut down the plants blowing to the flares in the flare center at the same time.

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Riser Sections
At Base