FSM Smokeless *Steam*
The anti pollutant FSM tip is the quietest and most efficient flare tip available anywhere. The tip uses Multihole - Nozzles (L=large size / S=small size) for steam injection and has a unique mixing chamber where steam, air and waste gas are mixed prior combustion.

With the high efficient air inspiration by the Multihole - Nozzles we reach smokeless capacities for Crackergas from Naphtha Cracker up to 120t/h with the use of 30t/h medium pressure steam.

The noise is limited by the low steam consumption for smokeless combustion and by splitting the steam in the Multihole - Nozzles in several small flows which fed inside the tip. Compared to common used outside steam expansion systems at tips, the sound power level is around 10 - 15dB(A) lower at the same smokeless capacity.

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40" / 54 / 4 FSMS Tip
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